My Life, My Art

Cheryl Ann Russell

About Me

Where do I begin?

At the core of my being, I am in love with humanity. But as is typical, it is a tempestuous relationship. I’m an activist, a lover of beautiful forms, a student of symbolism, and an observer of the nuances of faces. The human face, in particular, inspires me with all of the ways in which they can reflect our worlds, internal and external. Those faces reflect our dreams, fears, hopes, and love. They reveal both the best that we can be along with the demons from which we hide. 

I am in love with humanity even though I rage against it sometimes. 


December 2019: The Rio Review accepted 3 of my paintings and one of them was chosen for the cover.


All Things In Time

Portfolio and Ponderings


A smattering of pieces over the past several years.